Nature teaches us to work as a team
L'azienda Gelpiave

A modern facility

We store our products in a modern facility which is constantly monitored by innovative systems to maintain the safety, hygiene and quality of the products.

A team of well-trained employees

Our qualified staff and advanced IT system allows us to have full control over the distribution cycle, which is safe and fast, from deposit to storage, from preparation to shipment, all the way to transportation.

Quality is our job

Quality control is a key part of our job. We employ an accredited external laboratory for regular tests of our products and we ensure that we audit our suppliers.

Our history teaches us to never stop searching

For us at Gelpiave, our work means so much more than just ‘food’. We love the flavours, aromas and colours of Italian cuisine, an expression of our culture and our history; nevertheless, our instinct of curiosity leads us to discover new worlds, new lifestyles, new culinary arts.
Gelpiave supports every one of its clients by providing its expertise, offering support and advice. We work to build a lasting relationship with our clients, based on trust obtained from hands-on knowledge and experience.