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Why choose Gelpiave

Research and development

In a constantly-changing sector, we are your partners and advisors, making use of our expertise to help you to analyse the market and search for the most suitable products for the situation.

Quality control

All movement of merchandise – from reception, storage and distribution – takes place under the strictest hygiene-sanitary control drawn up pursuant to H.A.C.C.P. standards in order to guarantee product integrity.


Gelpiave’s suppliers are carefully selected and certified, to offer you only the highest-quality raw materials. Compliance with health standards and the application of directives on product traceability allow the client to have peace of mind when doing their work.


We distribute our products across Italy and Europe, ensuring punctuality and precision in our service, backed up by our organisational structure and our employees’ training.

Our brands

Our tireless research and careful selection have led us to discover a few highly successful product lines, which we have grouped into brands registered and owned by us. By choosing these products, our clients know that they will find the same quality and attention in each and every product in the range.

Blu Fisher Maree

Our experts at the service of quality